As an NH SEO company, we often get asked what is the best way to optimize for the local level? First, companies know who their customers are. Where are they located? Are they primarily located in their state or are more located nationally? Who do they want to sell to now and in the future?… Read More

Beware the fly-by-night SEO company. We meet with people all the time who have spent years building valuable e-commerce sites only to be done in by one unscrupulous SEO NH company. Take for example, the company who hired an SEO company that promised to add 29,000 back links per month to their site in order… Read More

The question should no longer be open to interpretation. E commerce companies have traditionally relied on their SEO company to provide “link building” to help increase their site’s ranking on Google and other search engines. To that end, the SEO company makes a judgment when they decide whether a link is relevant to a client’s… Read More

You hired a low-cost SEO strategist or low-rent charge-by-the-keyword SEO consultancy because you had neither the time nor the inclination to figure out what search engine optimization is all about. Your NH SEO “expert” chose keywords and sprinkled them throughout your site. You also heard something mentioned about meta tags and back links. But as… Read More

When will “best” web design sites get the message that a site without SEO is akin to having a well-designed car with no engine, or a plane with no wings? just posted what they call 25 beautiful website design examples for your inspiration. But only four out of the 25 “beautiful websites” had enough… Read More

Years ago we had a lot of main stay PR clients.  At that time search didn’t exist and social media was just born.  We were spending a lot of time doing media pitches on relevant topics and stories.  It was time consuming and success was often hit or miss.  Advance forward 5 years and public… Read More

Contrary to popular opinion, TV and radio advertising are not dead. But buying radio or TV without a really good SEO effort to go with is a good way to waste money while helping your competition. Consider this scenario. ABC solar company moves into an area and starts advertising like crazy on the radio. They… Read More

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is easy right?  Sure, just change some meta data, sprinkle a few key words here and there and presto, instant results on page one of Google. Five years ago, you could get away with this type of effort and do well on any of the major search engines.  Given that… Read More

We often get asked about directories and directory listings.  Directories are essentially huge online phone books.  They are important for search for several reasons. First, they allow your content to be found in places that are highly searched. Second, correctly done, directory listings create a valuable link back to your website. What is a valuable… Read More

If you are like most website owners or marketing managers, trying to maintain your website is a gargantuan task.  Just keeping up with product updates or updating the site with the latest trade show information can be challenging. But, in an increasingly competitive world of search, you need to do more, much more particularly in… Read More

Having an SEO strategy is important, however, it’s equally as important to deploy the SEO strategy across your entire company. After all you always accomplish more if multiple people are working toward the same goal. Remember that educating people is important, the more people within your company that understand SEO, it’s benefits and your goals… Read More

It is amazing. Since the down turn in 2008, every company and living breathing soul is claiming to do SEO or Search Engine Optimization. I am sure there are some well intentioned folks in the industry, but in 6 years of doing search, I can count on one hand the number of companies that can… Read More