SEO consultancy is a broad term that is thrown around by alot of people that are not qualied to be optimizing anything. In a world with 9, 15 and 20 % unemployment there are lots of people picking up books on SEO consulting and trying to pitch there services to those willing to listen. Unfortunately,… Read More

No surprise, Google is changing its algorithm again to give users better results. This is just another change that impacts SEO and is one of the reasons that it is important to hire a trusted partner in your search efforts. Even as an SEO Company with hundreds of clients, it is difficult to stay ahead… Read More

Web gurus around the world proclaim that “content is king” when it comes to websites. Sadly, the proclamation doesn’t meet with reality. Look at most websites (b to b in particular) and you quickly discover that content is crap, especially when it comes to website copywriting. Here are four good ways to get your content… Read More

When I look at the array of SEO companies populating the landscape, I am amazed at the number of organizations that have no information about employees, company or its location. SEO is a fast moving technology that few people understand. As a result, thousands of people have been scammed by SEO companies that have little… Read More

If you are like most working people, keeping up with all the changes on Google, Yahoo and Bing can be daunting, even if you work in the industry. With so much content being developed, it is no wonder that many of the searches on Google are serving up garbage. For popular searches you will often… Read More

As one of the most popular micro blogs, twitter has become a victim of its own success. In an effort to attract more followers, we have seen a number of  businesses tweeting about a range of topics, most of which have nothing to do with their business. It is important to keep your twitter accounts… Read More

If you are smart, you are looking at your Google Analytics at least on a weekly basis. Recently, Google has added a new feature called “Google In-Page Analytics” The “In-Page” analytics gives users a visual depiction of their website and where traffic is being driven. For those of us that are more visual, this is a great… Read More

With continued economic uncertainty, we are still seeing alot of very unscrupulous people jumping into the “SEO Arena”. Every person who has lost a job seems to becoming SEO experts at the expense of clients. SEO, or Organic Search Engine Optimization is a skill that takes years to learn and do well and takes continued… Read More

Often when you are searching for a particular product or service you will come up with a search with in a search. Known as “Teleporting” this feature is reserved for larger companies such as kitchen Aid. For Google, this search within a search helps consumers find what they are looking for faster and more efficiently.… Read More

A major new survey of 50,000 people in 46 countries has found that in many emerging markets around the world, people are spending more time on social networking sites than on email. The startling result, is just one of many insightful conclusion in the report from British research firm TNS that can be viewed here:… Read More

Twitter doesn’t like to think of itself as a social media company like Faceook or LinkedIn but instead perceives itself as an information provider. In reality, it spans both sectors but risks falling in between unless it continues to evolve its own niche, something it’s attempting to do with an impending series of major changes.… Read More

In this tough economy, the competition can be brutal.  How do  you continue to grow in a highly competitive marketH  We have found a number of tools that help us keep ahead of the competition. One of them is Lead Lander.  Lead Lander is essentially a reverse IP look up. It allows users to see… Read More

Adding relevant links to your website is an important part of good organic SEO. Unfortunately, many “SEO Companies” will buy links or add links to that do not help your overall web ranking. In fact, in the past year, we have seen many companies be banned from Google because their SEO company was buying links.… Read More

One of the most overlooked aspects of running a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign is the effective use of the “Content Network“. The content network is essentially a catalog of websites that allow Google to advertise on them.  Traditionally the problem with using the content network is that your ads show up on personal blogs… Read More

We work with alot of companies in all different industries. Regardless of the size of the company, small, startup, or large organization we often hear that “SEO is managed internally”  In 15 years of technology marketing, I have yet to find an organization that has done even a so so job on SEO. Why? Typically,… Read More