Google’s own webmaster trends analyst, John Mueller, gives us insight into the technical world of SEO analysis and search ranking algorithms. Google panda is a search filter that was first introduced in 2011. This update was meant to clean up Google’s top search results based on the quality of a web page’s SEO copy writing,… Read More

You’ve spent sleepless nights, countless cups of coffee, and probably more money than you have on building your business. Congratulations on finding the motivation to press on! In today’s technology dominated world, having an online presence is essential in order to grow your business further. But what if you built a website and nobody came?… Read More

With each New Year comes new website design and development trends. As an SEO franchise and web design agency, we ranked the top 5 website design trends of 2015. 1. Longer/Scrolling Layouts As mobile devices become a staple in our everyday lives, it’s becoming more common for websites to rely on scrolling layouts rather than… Read More

In the connected world we live in, information can be accessed easily and quickly from a multitude of mediums. Looking for local farmer’s markets? Open up Pinterest and within seconds you can find one near you. Remember that PC repair shop you wanted to check out? With a few clicks, you can explore their services directly from their Facebook page. Or maybe you’re looking for a new job

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With almost a billion unique users, there is no other platform that has more potential customers than Facebook. These users can be segmented by age, geography, interests, behaviors, education and partner categories. This means advertisers can slice and dice their target audience in a variety of ways.

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Do you use your phone or tablet to search on-the-go? If so, Google’s forthcoming update may change how you search – and provide more relevant, easily-navigable results. On April 21st, Google will release a new algorithm affecting all mobile devices using their search engine. This new algorithm will rank “mobile-friendly” websites higher than non-mobile-friendly websites… Read More

As a website design & development company, we’re tasked with creating logos very frequently. Frankly, it’s one of the most challenging aspects of branding, marketing and website design & development. It’s equally challenging to clients. It’s because actually designing a logo, for a graphic designer, is fairly easy. But people who pay for logos often… Read More

Here’s something that is happening with alarming frequency in the website design & development business. More and more of the so called reputable website design & development companies are becoming unintentional frauds. During the proposal process they display their previous work, show a timeline and costs and talk a lot about the user interface, navigation… Read More

SoakSoak is a Russian virus that loads attack code into WordPress webpages. To date, more than 100,000 WordPress websites have been infected. Google has flagged more than 10,000 malicious domains. As a website design & development company, we initially showed some interest in WordPress. But, that interest waned when a multitude of viruses began hacking… Read More

Big companies have big websites. As a website design & development company we know that’s just the way it is. Far too often, these big websites tend to grow like weeds with content popping up wherever it happens to land on the site. Add a little politics and everyone from every division within the company… Read More