New Hampshire marketing is a different animal than marketing in many other states. First, we have hundreds of highly sophisticated technical software and electronics firm that have very specific B-to-B marketing needs. Many are startups and, as such, they have lots of money and an incredible product, but they don’t have any idea how to… Read More

On most days, we love what we do. We help companies improve their online image and rank higher on search engines. In general, higher rank means higher inquiries and more sales. It all seems so easy that any one can do it. Unfortunately, SEO is becoming increasingly hard. SEO is not unlike many other industries… Read More

Contrary to popular opinion, TV and radio advertising are not dead. But buying radio or TV without a really good SEO effort to go with is a good way to waste money while helping your competition. Consider this scenario. ABC solar company moves into an area and starts advertising like crazy on the radio. They… Read More

When I look at the array of SEO companies populating the landscape, I am amazed at the number of organizations that have no information about employees, company or its location. SEO is a fast moving technology that few people understand. As a result, thousands of people have been scammed by SEO companies that have little… Read More

With all of the focus on “Inbound Marketing” Marketers seem to have forgotten that outbound marketing is still an important part of the marketing mix. And, with all of the focus put on the web, there are several outbound marketing activities that you can focus on that can help your company get ahead of the… Read More

In this tough economy, the competition can be brutal.  How do  you continue to grow in a highly competitive marketH  We have found a number of tools that help us keep ahead of the competition. One of them is Lead Lander.  Lead Lander is essentially a reverse IP look up. It allows users to see… Read More