One website design & development company’s opinion. As a website design & development company with significant SEO experience we’re pretty biased on SEO DIY. Just a few short years ago, a website owner could make sure they had the right Meta tags, some anchor text and a few well-chosen keywords to get them on the… Read More

There’s a real conundrum for website design and development agencies and their clients. Clients (and presumably the users of their websites) absolutely love clean, simple, beautifully designed home pages. Unfortunately, Google hates them. Well, they don’t really hate them, per se, but they do ignore them, largely because there is no text. Google search algorithms… Read More

As an NH SEO company, we often get asked what is the best way to optimize for the local level? First, companies know who their customers are. Where are they located? Are they primarily located in their state or are more located nationally? Who do they want to sell to now and in the future?… Read More

On most days, we love what we do. We help companies improve their online image and rank higher on search engines. In general, higher rank means higher inquiries and more sales. It all seems so easy that any one can do it. Unfortunately, SEO is becoming increasingly hard. SEO is not unlike many other industries… Read More

As a marketing agency in NH, we are always working with clients that have to market at both a local level and a national level. That balance between localization and nationalization is always a fine line. You always want to be seen locally, but you don’t want this to dominate your SEO efforts. If you… Read More

The question should no longer be open to interpretation. E commerce companies have traditionally relied on their SEO company to provide “link building” to help increase their site’s ranking on Google and other search engines. To that end, the SEO company makes a judgment when they decide whether a link is relevant to a client’s… Read More

You hired a low-cost SEO strategist or low-rent charge-by-the-keyword SEO consultancy because you had neither the time nor the inclination to figure out what search engine optimization is all about. Your NH SEO “expert” chose keywords and sprinkled them throughout your site. You also heard something mentioned about meta tags and back links. But as… Read More

As a website design agency we are continually asked about good web design. Website Design and development is important, but unfortunately many firms loose track of what matters. In a world where employees and customers are pressed for time, what matters is two fold. First, your website needs to be found. You can win every… Read More