Google Medic Update

Back in early August, Google released a new core algorithm update that is already impacting sites accessing the preeminent search engine. This is the company’s third update in 2018. The update, known as the “Google Medic Update,” is Google’s latest broad, global update. As alluded by the update’s nickname, the update mostly is impacting healthcare… Read More

Website Design Trends

When your company evolves its web design and development strategy, it can also become a means of refining your brand in general. Updating your websites design with revamped layouts that allow for easy navigation to you and your products will only help in driving business and adding new patrons. Your website is a medium to… Read More


Just because you purchased a domain name does not necessarily mean that you own it. Domain names are used to identify one or more IP address that is typed into the URL search bar. Companies have the ability to purchase multiple domain names, often relating to competition or services, and repoint the URL to point… Read More


Ever heard of Google’s update “MobileGeddon”? Chances are your answer is no…but if you operate a website for your business, you may want to pay attention! This Google algorithm update from 2015 gives mobile friendly websites an extra boost in their search ranking. With over 60% of website traffic coming from mobile devices these days,… Read More


Every website owner and website design and development company alike will agree that being ranked #1 in terms of search on Google is the highest achievable position, right? Wrong. What if I told you that Google’s #1 ranking is not in fact the top spot? Google’s position “number zero”, also known as Rich Answers, is… Read More


What happens when a local website design and development company puts Search Engine myths to the test… Everyone knows that ranking #1 on Google is much better than ranking #20. But how do you make the move? Google evaluates over 200 search factors on a website (in mere seconds) before ranking it for search. Along… Read More

Big companies have big websites. As a website design & development company we know that’s just the way it is. Far too often, these big websites tend to grow like weeds with content popping up wherever it happens to land on the site. Add a little politics and everyone from every division within the company… Read More

“I can get a blog from (insert name of off-shore country here) for 10 bucks each.” It’s something we at Kirk website design & development hear clients say from time to time. We also get emails and calls from said offshore companies touting their abilities by saying something like, “We do have the most experience… Read More

You don’t have to be a website design & development company to build a website. Anyone can build a website. I’m serious anyone can build a website. If you’re a vacationer who wants to show photos, a kid who want’s to show off skateboard skills, build your own website. If you’re someone who wants to… Read More

It was August 6 when authorities announced that a Russian Cyber ring had pulled off the largest online theft of private Internet information in history. The giant web haul includes 1.7 billion user names and password combinations and more than half a billion email addresses. Some of you may wish to pause reading this blog… Read More

WordPress, the template-based website design & development software that got its start with people wanting to create blogs is now the latest rage when it comes to building entire sites. But, there can be some real drawbacks when it comes to building out a site in WordPress over traditional coding from a website design &… Read More