Case Study: Charter Auction


Charter Auction

Charter Auction is an online exchange for jet charter pricing that employs exclusive aircraft locator technology to make private jet charter affordable for executive travelers anywhere in the world at any time. To reflect recent changes to the company's mission, Charter Auction needed a Web site that would clearly define the benefits of a reverse auction, with an array of applications to allow clients immediate access to important information and a focus on the company's commitment to safety, as well as convenience.


After a careful review of Charter Auction's business objectives, Kirk Communications determined that a dynamic Web site with improved ease-of-use would meet the company's needs. Kirk Communications' Web development team designed a host of interactive applications with multiple login portals that allows visitors to quickly access all necessary information before and after booking a flight. The new site features a flight locater, trip cost estimator and a media gallery with informational videos. The site allows travelers to post their travel needs online and receive competitive bids on jet charters from domestic and international private jet operators, highlighting how the competitive bid process makes air charter more affordable, accessible and convenient to a range of travelers. Through Charter Auction's new Web site, users can take advantage of an existing worldwide network of thousands of private jet operators. Kirk Communications created three new applications to showcase the company's powerful methodology: Trip Cost Estimator; Flight Tracker; and Flight Planner.


Kirk Communications' collaboration with Charter Auction resulted in the creation of a highly interactive, easy to use Web site with three new applications and two login portals. The powerful Web site clearly features Charter Auction's approach to securing the lowest price and highest degree of convenience and amenities for travelers. With access to three different applications, visitors to have instant access to all of the information required to secure a private charter that best meets their needs.

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