Case Study: Phase - II


Phase - II

Phase II Medical Manufacturing provides design, development, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and sterilization services to a wide range of customers. With the medical manufacturing field growing irrespective of economic conditions, Phase II's business model called for expanding its customer base beyond the greater New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts locales. However, the company was faced with a lack of name recognition outside of the region, making it difficult for Phase II to attract business opportunities in other geographic areas. In addition, Phase II's Web site, which was out-of-date and in need of a fresh look to better reflect its ongoing success, was woefully absent from online search engines, further complicating the company's growth strategy.


Phase II quickly realized that Kirk Communications' recently expanded Search Engine Optimization marketing analysis services could help drive the volume and quality of traffic to its Web site, ultimately giving the company much needed exposure in new regional markets. SEO analytics are a proven method of enhancing Web site relevance via keyword coding that targets industry-specific vertical search engines. SEO links Web site visits, or hits, to actual marketing interest and often, sales. With a seasoned design staff and newly expanded offices in Portsmouth, N.H. and New Delhi, India, Kirk Communications was poised to help Phase II optimize its Web site and achieve its growth objectives by enhancing the company's presence in competitive spaces.


Phase II's redesigned Web site proved to be a cost-effective method of dramatically increasing the company's online visibility through keyword and key phrase analysis, Meta tag development and back-end coding improvements. A post-project marketing analysis uncovered a tremendous improvement in Phase II's exposure on a variety of search engines and directories, including Google, Yahoo, AOL, Dmoz and Spheri. Phase II improved its ranking on 29 out 30 targeted keyword phrases and the project ultimately linked Phase II with potential customers outside of its established markets.

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