Writing 101-Google Style

"The clarity of content matters a lot." Said Matt Cutts, Google's resident SEO "Copy Writing" guru. "Sometimes I even read my blogs out loud to see if they're understandable," he said. If you're a website design agency, what Mr. Cutts is talking about is problematic, especially if you're a writer.

What Matt Cutts has discovered is what Strunk & White's, The Elements of Style revealed more than 90 years ago. Described as a "forty-three-page summation of the case for cleanliness, accuracy, and brevity in the use of English by E.B. White, "the little book," as it came to be known, is the bible of the writing industry.

Which is why I am kind of concerned about Google. Given that they are fast becoming the de facto jury of quality for prose for SEO Copy Writing from every website design agency in the 21st century, it is concerning that someone like Matt Cutts writes about writing quality as if he is discovering the thought for the first time.

What SEO Copy Writing guru, Mr. Cutts, and Google need to realize is that, for the most part, the rules and craft of writing came into being long before the term website design agency or SEO Copy Writing were ever uttered. If Google is going to be the ultimate arbiter of quality and write algorithms that judge online writing accordingly, it would be very comforting to know that they have a copy of The Elements of Style on their bookshelves.

For that matter, shouldn't they have a few really high-quality editors and writers to help them judge whether writing or at least the algorithms are good or horrible?

To date more than 10-million copies and three different editions of "The Elements of Style" have been sold. I've never known a journalist who doesn't have at least one copy. But Google "good writing," "writing well" or "great writing" and you won't find The Elements of Style anywhere on the first three Search Engine Results Pages. That's troubling. I'll feel better once Google and their SEO Copy Writing gurus have a copy of "the little book" nearby.

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