Search Engine Optimization can be an effective way to get your products and services known. Kirk Communications has developed a strong team of SEO writers, SEO Developers and SEO strategists. We are continually working with our clients to improve their organic SEO for keywords and phrases that will drive meaningful traffic. In addition, our staff is continually updating their training on the latest SEO techniques.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services include:

Comprehensive keyword Research
The key to a good SEO strategy is developing a keyword strategy that directly correlates to the core of your business. At Kirk Communications, we spend a significant amount of time and energy working with clients to determine the proper SEO keyword strategy. We do this by using several tools that allow us to see actual SEO search volumes for a particular word or phrase. By picking words with a high number of organic searches and low SEO competition, we can help position companies high on Google, Yahoo and Bing. This helps drive organic traffic for our clients. On a monthly basis we also cross correlate this SEO data with analytics data, so we can prove to clients the key words and phrases that are driving the most traffic and revenue.

SEO Friendly Coding
At the heart of our team are seasoned website developers. As part of any SEO engagement, we complete a comprehensive code review that ensures that your website is in compliance with the major search engines code standards. If we find issues, we make recommendations on fixing your SEO code and will make these SEO changes if we are granted access to the website.

SEO Copy Writing
SEO writing is a crucial component of good SEO. It is not only about including your SEO key words but including those SEO keywords in a specific order that search engines recognize. Kirk Communications has in residence several seasoned editors and writers that have over forty years of combined SEO writing experience.

Website Tracking
Using leading analytics packages, Kirk Communications provides clients with a comprehensive reporting on all metrics within the site. Where customers are looking, how long they are staying on one page and where customers are dropping off.

Website URL Submission to Over 400 Search Engines
As an SEO company, Kirk Communications takes pride in providing a comprehensive approach to SEO. One of the most important aspects of good SEO is to ensure that your site is crawled not only by the major search engines but those that are lesser known. All search engines are important in good SEO. If you are not submitted to the major search engines, then it is unlikely that you will do well in organic SEO.

Business Directories Submission
Business directories are another important tool in good SEO. Directories are not searches engines but instead list websites by category and sub category. Often search engines to not crawl directories, people do. Regardless, it puts your site in one more place that perspective customers might find you. In addition, they provide valuable links to your site. At Kirk Communications, we submit our clients to hundreds of directories, most of them free. We do this as part of a comprehensive approach to SEO. On occasion, we will make recommendations to be in paid directories. For more information please click here.

One Way Back-link Building
Linking to other quality sites is another strategy that we employ as part of a holistic SEO strategy. We don't use automated programs, but rather carefully select website that we can link to in your industry. These quality SEO links will help increase your organic positioning.

Link Exchange Campaigns
Kirk Communications maintains a database of companies in your industry that we can exchange links with. These link exchange campaigns can enhance your SEO campaign.

Write Blogs, Articles and Forums for greater visibility
In any on-going SEO campaign, having access to good content can be a challenge. At Kirk Communications, we employ a number of writers so that we can provide clients with a continuous stream of relevant and purposeful SEO content.

Utilizing leading edge tools like Jungle Torch (, Kirk Communications provides world-class SEO reporting to its clients. Our reporting enables VPs of marketing and CMOs to report back to their board of directors on the increase in SEO positioning.

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