Outbound Marketing refers to all marketing efforts that are "Outbound" or going out to the customer. Kirk Communications works with customers to deliver highly effective outbound marketing strategies which include the following:

Direct Mail

Although direct mail has waned over the past several years, it can still be highly effective. As the volume of direct mail falls off, those who continue to send out quality direct mail pieces, tend to have very high response rates. When Kirk designs direct mail pieces, we ensure that we integrate the direct mail with social media and traditional websites. By doing this, we help integrate the direct mail piece with current messaging.


Advertising is still an effective medium to gain brand awareness but it needs to be consistent and on-going. Kirk Communications can help you develop consistent and effective advertising that will help drive customers to you.

Events & Conferences

Events and conferences are still an important part of any marketing mix. These venues give marketers a chance to interact directly with customers and prospects. Kirk Communications help clients design an effective show presence that is fully integrated with their social media and online efforts.

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