Kirk partners with McDougall & Duval to do SEO and website design and development projects.

Portsmouth NH, May 27—Kirk Communications ( a website design and development firm, has entered into a strategic alliance with McDougall & Duval, a full-service advertising agency located in Amesbury, MA.

“We’re great at digital marketing and digital advertising, as well as search engine optimization,” said Nate Tennant, CEO and co-founder of Kirk website design and development. “We’re excited to work with a top-notch communications agency to supply them with the website design and development services their clients are looking for.”

“We chose to form this strategic alliance with Kirk website design and development due to an increased demand by our clients requiring not only SEO but more so, Advanced SEO,” said Dan Duval CEO and Creative Chief at McDougall & Duval. “The expertise and flexibility Kirk provides us and our clients is second to none.”

“It’s no longer enough to look at Google analytics and place some keywords on your website in order to improve rankings on Google and other search engines,” noted Tennant. “We have established the right team of SEO engineers, technicians and other experts to do the advanced work – as well as the labor intensive work – that Advanced SEO requires. We’re thrilled that McDougall & Duvall recognize that the SEO rules have changed and, as a result, that we can add a whole new level of value for their clients.”

“We’re experts at branding, strategy and creatively inspired communications of all kinds,” said Duval. “The success of our approach, however, can only be measured by delivering results to our clients that enable them to meet their business goals. Kirk gives us more tools to generate the results our clients expect.”

To date, Kirk Website Design and Development has worked with McDougall & Duval to perform highly Advanced SEO as well as website development projects for clients, including Country Bank and Premier Source Credit Union. And, there are a number of other projects currently in the works.

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About Kirk Communications website design and development company

Kirk Communications is a website design and development company located in New Hampshire with additional offices in Luxembourg and New Delhi, India. In addition to being a website design and development company, Kirk Communications is a global provider of inbound marketing including advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media integration. As an SEO Company, Kirk Communications also runs large paid campaigns for clients (PPC). The company shares its philosophy, based on a focused commitment to strategic and tactical corporate communications, with clients across a broad range of vertical markets including technology, financial services, high-end leisure and healthcare. Beyond being an integrated website design & development company, Kirk Communications offers an extensive suite of state-of-the-art SEO and PPC analytics, that, in conjunction with innovative message development, helps its customers refine their brand, increase visibility and stay ahead of their competitors. Kirk Communications counts among its clients A. M. Best, Exostar, JungleTorch, Airmar Technolgy, Newport Deco, Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center, zai Skis, Con-cept, ProVertic, and Weekender House. For more information, please visit

About McDougall & Duval

McDougall & Duval Advertising is a full-service branding, advertising, public relations, and digital marketing firm that specializes in helping organizations from the financial, hospitality and business-to-business industries. We create measurable results for our clients by focusing on strategic creativity. Through strategic creativity, we are able to build solutions that defy conventional thinking that helps our clients gain market share. For more information, visit

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