Kirk website design & development hires new business development director

Portsmouth NH, October 14—Kirk website design & development company ( recently named Erin Blair as its new Director of Business Development. Prior to joining Kirk, Erin served as VP of Business Development at Global Relief Technologies where he developed partnerships between defense contractors and other companies to provide real-time military data that allows small countries to maintain their remote boarders.

Erin also worked with Verizon and Massachusetts Child Protective Solutions to create an end-to-end communications system that allows caseworkers to input and maintain data for thousands of children at risk.

While working at GlobaFone, Erin worked closely with NASA to install satellite communications equipment on the Liberty Star and Freedom Star. The communications system gave the two ships the ability to transmit a launch-to-orbit video and stream it via Satellite to NASA in real time. This live, real- time streaming with two ships hundreds of miles at sea was a first for NASA.

“Erin’s greatest skills are the ability to listen to clients and potential clients, assess their needs and then establish a systems approach to delivering services,” said Nate Tennant, CEO and Co-Founder of Kirk Website Design & Development company. “This is not only great for our clients, but it’s also great for us.”

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