Portsmouth NH, April 2—Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com) has added a number of local, national and international clients to its growing roster. A partial list of these new clients include, Airmar (www.airmar.com) which makes state-of-the-art transducers for the marine and other industries, Profit Tools (www.profittools.com makers of software and online tools for the intermodal transportation industry, Resolution… Read More

Portsmouth, NH – November 20, 2013 – Kirk Communications, (www.kirkcommunications.com), an integrated digital marketing agency has added the fractional aircraft ownership company, PlaneSense, Inc. (www.planesense.com), to its roster of luxury clients. PlaneSense, Inc. is headquartered at the Portsmouth International Tradeport in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The PlaneSense&reg program employs the largest civilian fleet of Pilatus PC-12… Read More

Portsmouth, NH, November 19, 2012 – What is the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing? Portsmouth, New Hampshire, SEO company Kirk Communications will tell you it’s the difference between getting blocked and deleted versus attracting your target audience. Outbound marketing becomes less effective with each new technology (such as DVR, TiVo, satellite radio and… Read More

Portsmouth, NH October 9, 2012 – Kirk Communications (http://www.kirkcommunications.com), a leading marketing agency, NH SEO company and website design and development provider, offers a complete solution to help businesses climb to new heights in search engine ranking. “Today’s search engines are continually implementing new ways to weed through millions of websites, determine which are relevant… Read More

Portsmouth, NH October 5, 2012 – Kirk Communications (http://www.kirkcommunications.com), a leading website design and development company, delivers dynamic, visually compelling websites that are primed for search engine optimization (SEO). “Companies of all sizes can be easily overwhelmed with the rapid advancement of online technologies today,” said Nate Tennant, CEO of Kirk Communications, “Our multifaceted approach… Read More

Portsmouth, NH – December 21, 2011 – The opportunity to promote businesses on the Internet is a skill that escapes many businesses today. For many it’s a lack of knowledge that prevents them from getting involved in the increasing trend of using the Internet as a marketing strategy, and for others it’s an unwillingness to… Read More

Portsmouth, NH -December 19, 2011 – Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com) has proven itself as a Search Engine Optimization Company through helping their clients expand their business through online strategies. Not only do they offer website design and development, but they also help their clients with inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Kirk is now offering an SEO… Read More

Portsmouth, NH – December 14, 2011 – Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com), a website design and SEO company, is focusing on being an SEO Company MA that offers customized service to all clients. As an SEO company MA, Kirk often hears from clients that other SEO Companies are to standardize in the service they give to clients.… Read More