Portsmouth NH, November 14—Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com) warns that a spate of its new clients have fallen victim to Russian hackers, incompetent website design & development codersand hacking app builders. “It’s really sad to gain new clients due to their misfortune with an offshore website design & development company,” said Nate Tennant, President and co-founder of… Read More

Portsmouth NH, October 14—Kirk website design & development company (www.kirkcommunications.com) recently named Erin Blair as its new Director of Business Development. Prior to joining Kirk, Erin served as VP of Business Development at Global Relief Technologies where he developed partnerships between defense contractors and other companies to provide real-time military data that allows small countries… Read More

Portsmouth NH, July 22—Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com) has recently been ranked by TopSEOs at number 19 among the thousands of companies that have been analyzed for their SEO capabilities. “This is an amazing honor,” said Nate Tennant, co-founder and President of Kirk Communications, a website design & development company based in Portsmouth NH. “ The analysis… Read More

Portsmouth NH, June 23—Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com) has had it with unscrupulous and/or incompetent website design & development companies proclaiming that they “do search engine optimization.” “We see business owners every day who think their website design & development company is doing search engine optimization on their site, “ said Nate Tennant, CEO and Co-founder of… Read More

Portsmouth NH, May 27—Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com) a website design and development firm, has entered into a strategic alliance with McDougall & Duval, a full-service advertising agency located in Amesbury, MA. “We’re great at digital marketing and digital advertising, as well as search engine optimization,” said Nate Tennant, CEO and co-founder of Kirk website design and… Read More

Portsmouth NH, January 14, 2014—Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com) is often thought of as a high-tech website company. That’s beginning to change, however, as this local digital website design and development company begins to garner a number of luxury companies that cater to high net-worth individuals. The latest companies to join Kirk’s roster include Swiss ski maker,… Read More

Portsmouth NH, January 7, 2014 – Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com) a web design agency particularly noted for its capabilities in search optimization has signed up several new local and national clients for website design and development, search engine optimization, flash development and print collateral. The new clients operate in several different business categories, including medical, technology,… Read More

Portsmouth, NH- August 15, 2013 – Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com), an SEO and website design and development company, has added two new clients to it’s SEO NH roster. Dapresy is the leader in dashboard and online reporting of data to professional market researchers who do 360 degree research, brand tracking studies and more. Their flagship product… Read More

Portsmouth, NH- May 21, 2013 – Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com), a website design and development company has been enlisted by DiStefano Hair Restoration Centers to create a new search engine optimized website for the company. Kirk will also create several new videos featuring doctors and patients in the practice. Kirk’s new website design and development work… Read More

Portsmouth NH February 27, 2013 –Kirk Communications, www.kirkcommunications.com, an SEO Software company today announced the introduction of a new capability:  Local SEO. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a local pizza store or a nationwide pizza chain, there is a clear advantage in knowing where you rank on search pages for an immediate area,” said Nate… Read More

Portsmouth, NH- January 01, 2013 – Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com), an NH SEO Company has helped over one hundred companies get on page one of Google. Unlike other companies, Kirk provides clients with a complete SEO NH solution. This  SEO solution includes technology, experience and the ability to put hundreds of hours into a company’s SEO… Read More

Portsmouth, NH October 5, 2012 – Kirk Communications (http://www.kirkcommunications.com), a leading website design and development company, delivers dynamic, visually compelling websites that are primed for search engine optimization (SEO). “Companies of all sizes can be easily overwhelmed with the rapid advancement of online technologies today,” said Nate Tennant, CEO of Kirk Communications, “Our multifaceted approach… Read More

Portsmouth NH, April 12, 2012 – When Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com), an SEO and website design and development company got an urgent call from the CEO of Digital Recognition Network to see if they could create a whole new website with a flash animation on the home page and search engine optimization throughout, Kirk said “yes”.… Read More

Portsmouth NH March 6, 2012 — Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com), an SEO and website design and development company has recently partnered with Troy Security Solutions (http://www.troysecuritysolutions.com), a mobility security and cloud services solution provider, to build a new website that shows the capabilities of Troy Security Solutions. At Troy Security, everything is focused on the customer… Read More

Portsmouth, NH February 22, 2012 — Kirk Communications, a website design and development firm that also does search engine marketing warns clients against getting too creative with their websites. “Ten years ago we approached website design and development in a very old-school way,” said John Decker, Creative Director at Kirk Communications. “We wanted sites that… Read More

Portsmouth, NH February 9, 2012 —Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com), an SEO and website design and development company has recently partnered with Kendall Promotions (www.kendallpromotions.com), a brand-building marketing firm to build a new web site that reflects the values and capabilities of Kendall Promotions. Kendall Promotions partners with clients to help build their brands, attract customers to… Read More

Portsmouth, NH January  19, 2012—The first step towards mastering good SEO practices is partnering with an SEO firm that cares about your business. Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com) an SEO and website design nh company, is dedicated to providing service to its clients that are unlike any other website design nh company. Because Kirk’s website design nh… Read More

Portsmouth, N.H. – December 20, 2010 – Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com), has entered into an agreement with ConVerge Diagnostic Services™ of Peabody, MA, a regional diagnostic lab services company operating in New England. In addition to performing market research, Kirk will create a new optimized website for the company, which offers state-of-the-art lab services in Massachusetts,… Read More