Kirk Communications SEO company leads the way in NH SEO

Portsmouth NH April 1, 2013 – Kirk Communications,, an SEO company notes that not all NH SEO companies are alike. “SEO NH companies run the gamut from one guy working in his basement to website companies that simply say they do NH SEO without really knowing how it’s done,” explained Nate Tennant, co-founder and CEO of Kirk Communications.

“The problem is that clients know they need search engine optimization. What they don’t know is what successful SEO looks like,” Tennant said. “We get local NH SEO clients who are paying upwards of $450 per month for SEO,” he said. “Every month they get this extremely confusing report that supposedly explains all the work the NH SEO company has done.”

According Tennant, while doing NH SEO is becoming more and more sophisticated, seeing the results is not. Any good SEO Company should be able to show you a list of keywords for your company, where they rank on Google and other search engines, whether they are going up or down month to month, where competitors rank for your keywords, how much traffic is coming from search engines and specifically how much traffic is coming from the selected keywords.

“Our reports are never more than 3-5 pages long and we go over them with each client every month,” Tennant said. Absolute transparency and simplicity lets our clients know exactly what we are doing in terms of NH SEO and what the success metrics are.

About Kirk Communications & SEO NH

Kirk Communications is an SEO NH company with additional offices in Luxembourg and New Delhi, India. In addition to being a website design and development company, Kirk Communications is a global provider of inbound marketing including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media integration. As an SEO Company, Kirk Communications also runs large paid campaigns for clients (PPC). The SEO Company shares its philosophy, based on a focused commitment to strategic and tactical corporate communications, with clients across a broad range of vertical markets including technology, financial services and healthcare. Beyond being an integrated website design & development company, Kirk Communications offers extensive state-of-the-art SEO and PPC analytics, that, in conjunction with innovative message development, helps its customers refine their brand, increase visibility and stay ahead of their competitors. Kirk Communications counts among its clients: Annik Technology, JungleTorch, Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center, U.S. Land and Ranches, Phase 2 Medical, Axenics and Interventional Spine Medicine. For more information, please visit us on the web at