Portsmouth NH April 1, 2013 – Kirk Communications, www.kirkcommunications.com, an SEO company notes that not all NH SEO companies are alike. “SEO NH companies run the gamut from one guy working in his basement to website companies that simply say they do NH SEO without really knowing how it’s done,” explained Nate Tennant, co-founder and… Read More

Portsmouth NH February 27, 2013 –Kirk Communications, www.kirkcommunications.com, an SEO Software company today announced the introduction of a new capability:  Local SEO. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a local pizza store or a nationwide pizza chain, there is a clear advantage in knowing where you rank on search pages for an immediate area,” said Nate… Read More

Portsmouth NH January 3, 2013 – Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com) a Maine SEO company is at the forefront of inbound marketing and digital technology. When it came to looking for SEO, Maine companies had to look hard to find a competent fir with the right people and technology to deliver world-class SEO services. “We’re not actually… Read More

Portsmouth, NH December, 2012 – Just a few short years ago, SEO was the purview of any shop that could write a few Meta tags and come up with keywords. But with the SEO world becoming more and more competitive, it’s just about impossible to get to the top of Google Yahoo or Bing without… Read More

Portsmouth NH December 12, 2012 – Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com), a New Hampshire web design and development is alerting its clients to pay attention to local search. According to the 2012 study by Marketing Sherpa, only 37% of companies surveyed claimed a local business listing on one or more search engines. Even more surprising, a mere… Read More

Portsmouth, NH, November 19, 2012 – What is the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing? Portsmouth, New Hampshire, SEO company Kirk Communications will tell you it’s the difference between getting blocked and deleted versus attracting your target audience. Outbound marketing becomes less effective with each new technology (such as DVR, TiVo, satellite radio and… Read More

Portsmouth, NH October 9, 2012 – Kirk Communications (http://www.kirkcommunications.com), a leading marketing agency, NH SEO company and website design and development provider, offers a complete solution to help businesses climb to new heights in search engine ranking. “Today’s search engines are continually implementing new ways to weed through millions of websites, determine which are relevant… Read More

Portsmouth NH July 24, 2012 – Having received exponential growth in the last few years as a top SEO and website design and development company, Kirk Communications (http://www.kirkcommunications.com) has decided to replicate it’s success by offering SEO franchise and web franchise opportunities to sales-oriented entrepreneurs familiar with digital marketing. “The day of the stand-alone Mom… Read More

Portsmouth NH July 20, 2012 – Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com) warns businesses that it pays to do a lot of homework when hiring a web design and development company. “There are dozens of languages out there for developing websites,” said Nate Tennant, CEO and co-founder of Kirk Communications. “What we see all the time are clients… Read More

Portsmouth NH July 10, 2012 – Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com), an SEO company and website design and development company is helping companies building their online public relations strategy. The online medium has become overwhelming for most companies, forcing them to turn to experts in digital media. “Even mid-sized companies are feeling overwhelmed with the new technology… Read More

Portsmouth, NH February 22, 2012 — Kirk Communications, a website design and development firm that also does search engine marketing warns clients against getting too creative with their websites. “Ten years ago we approached website design and development in a very old-school way,” said John Decker, Creative Director at Kirk Communications. “We wanted sites that… Read More

Portsmouth, NH January 23, 2012 — Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com), a NH SEO company, offers many ways to both clients and potential franchisees to get on board with the SEO movement. Now, more than ever, it’s important to be able to stay on top of marketing strategies that are being used more and more on the… Read More

Portsmouth, NH January  19, 2012—The first step towards mastering good SEO practices is partnering with an SEO firm that cares about your business. Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com) an SEO and website design nh company, is dedicated to providing service to its clients that are unlike any other website design nh company. Because Kirk’s website design nh… Read More

Portsmouth, NH – December 21, 2011 – The opportunity to promote businesses on the Internet is a skill that escapes many businesses today. For many it’s a lack of knowledge that prevents them from getting involved in the increasing trend of using the Internet as a marketing strategy, and for others it’s an unwillingness to… Read More

Portsmouth, NH -December 19, 2011 – Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com) has proven itself as a Search Engine Optimization Company through helping their clients expand their business through online strategies. Not only do they offer website design and development, but they also help their clients with inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Kirk is now offering an SEO… Read More

Portsmouth, NH – December 14, 2011 – Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com), a website design and SEO company, is focusing on being an SEO Company MA that offers customized service to all clients. As an SEO company MA, Kirk often hears from clients that other SEO Companies are to standardize in the service they give to clients.… Read More

Portsmouth,  NH – December 14, 2011 – Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com), a website design and SEO company based in Portsmouth NH, is reaching out to clients in more than just New Hampshire. If you’re looking for an experienced SEO Company Maine, Kirk Communications has a lot to offer. As an SEO Company Maine, Kirk sees a… Read More

Portsmouth, NH– December 14, 2011— Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com), a web design agency, has prided itself on providing technical solutions to customers of all types. Kirks web design agency has clients from all over the world, and from all different industries. Kirks clients come to Kirk in order to receive top-of-the-line services involving website design. Because… Read More

Portsmouth,  NH-December 14, 2011 — Kirk Communications (www.kirkcommunications.com), a website design and development company is part of an industry that is projected to be worth 19 billion dollars in 2012. The combined Search Engine Optimization, website design, mobile website design, and social media services all into one business model. By becoming a web franchise, Kirk… Read More