Gurilla Marketing that Works

In this tough economy, the competition can be brutal.  How do  you continue to grow in a highly competitive market?  We have found a number of tools that help us keep ahead of the compitition. One of them is Lead Lander.  Lead Lander is essentially a reverse IP look up.  It allows users to see exactly who has been visiting their website and where.  It goes just a step further than Google Analytics which we also use. Leadlander is more proactive, so if IBM or LL BEAN is suddenly hitting your website you are alerted.  If you are proactive, you can actually use the deeper functions with in Lead Lander to find the key contacts in the organization.

The other tool that we use is Jungle Torch. Jungle Torch is a comprehensive SEO and Social media dashboard that allows users to track all aspects of their SEO including key words, inbound and outbound links, Google page rank and more.  In addition, we are able to proactively check all of our social media without scouring thousands of sites.  Jungle Torch does all that for use and presents it in an easy to report format.