Kirk Communications Selected by Drytek as Agency of Record

Portsmouth, N.H., January 9, 2007 – Kirk Communications, a leading public relations and integrated marketing agency, has been selected by Drytek as their agency of record.

Based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Drytek is the nation’s leading provider of flooring solutions to the building industry. Drytek’s building solutions include: fast drying, low-alkali and self-leveling cement that enables the rapid assembly of floor systems, super lightweight systems for deep fills and where load limitations are an issue, sound control for floor-ceiling assemblies, fiber-reinforced self-leveling compounds for use in areas of high deflection and attractive, functional wear surface cements for use in home and retail environments.

Drytek’s self-leveling products are all produced in the United States. In addition, the company invests in their own research and development group which is continually improving existing products and innovating for the future needs of the global building industry.

Kirk Communications was selected because of their ability to work in a multitude of different areas of marketing including public relations, lead generation and CRM Systems.

“Kirk Communications acts as an internal and integrated resource for us” stated Terry Cotton, CEO and founder of Drytek. “By partnering with Kirk, we can gain expert marketing council without hiring additional staff; we can capitalize on new revenue opportunities, and position ourselves for future organizational growth.”

About Drytek

Drytek is the nation’s leading innovator and manufacturer of flooring solutions. Drytek’s current line of self-leveling products includes a wide range of durable and attractive wear surfaces as well as high-performance underlayments. Drytek’s quick drying, low-alkali formulation allows contractors to drastically speed up the building process, saving both time and money. For more information visit

About Kirk Communications
Based in Portsmouth, N.H., Kirk Communications is a leading provider of integrated marketing solutions that include public relations, campaign design, management, and graphic design. Kirk Communications’ clients include CipherOptics, Telindus, and Aegis partners. For more information, visit