Changing Landscape of SEO

In the last few months we have been busy continually evoloving our SEM and SEO marketing techniques. Google and other search engines constantly evolve their ranking techniques. But their criteria will always be based on delivering relevant results to their clients. What this means to you is that to increase your ranking, you have to match relevant content to keywords that you can afford to invest in. The first key to success is to understand how Google defines relevance. Here are some tips…

Keywords must accurately describe your products and services. Overuse of keywords in content that is irrelevant is penalized

Additional relevant assets that support keywords are important, such as maps, videos, presentations

Back-linking to irrelevant or little-used sites is no longer effective
The second key to successful seo optimization and pay per click advertising is to select relevant keywords you can afford to invest in. With the goal of identifying keywords that you can “own” over time, our proprietary system correlates the number of daily searches to the number of competitors. The results are analyzed and ranked for relevance. Once chosen, keyword performance is tracked over time and changes made as necessary.

It isn’t easy to produce relevant content that is integrated throughout your website, PR, blog, e-collateral, demand generation campaigns, and newsletter, or published to forums and other websites. It’s not easy to evaluate keywords on an ongoing basis to determine effectiveness. Yet, when you commit to a long-term seo optimization and pay per click program and outsource its execution, it is far and away the most affordable demand generation tool you can use.