Your audience for your SEO Company New Hampshire wants to read content that is relevant to them. They will quickly scroll past information that doesn’t relate to them or interest them for that matter. More specifically, your business’ audience depends on consistency; they want to read relevant information to them on a regular basis. Therefore,… Read More

There’s a real conundrum for website design and development agencies and their clients. Clients (and presumably the users of their websites) absolutely love clean, simple, beautifully designed home pages. Unfortunately, Google hates them. Well, they don’t really hate them, per se, but they do ignore them, largely because there is no text. Google search algorithms… Read More

The question should no longer be open to interpretation. E commerce companies have traditionally relied on their SEO company to provide “link building” to help increase their site’s ranking on Google and other search engines. To that end, the SEO company makes a judgment when they decide whether a link is relevant to a client’s… Read More

It is amazing. Since the down turn in 2008, every company and living breathing soul is claiming to do SEO or Search Engine Optimization. I am sure there are some well intentioned folks in the industry, but in 6 years of doing search, I can count on one hand the number of companies that can… Read More

Looking for an SEO Company in NH? Any firm doing business on the internet needs a strong local and national partner for Search Engine Optimization. Unfortunately, few firms have the technical depth or the resources to do SEO properly. As an SEO Company in NH, Kirk Communications brings both the technical depth and expertise to… Read More

If you are smart, you are looking at your Google Analytics at least on a weekly basis. Recently, Google has added a new feature called “Google In-Page Analytics” The “In-Page” analytics gives users a visual depiction of their website and where traffic is being driven. For those of us that are more visual, this is a great… Read More

Twitter doesn’t like to think of itself as a social media company like Faceook or LinkedIn but instead perceives itself as an information provider. In reality, it spans both sectors but risks falling in between unless it continues to evolve its own niche, something it’s attempting to do with an impending series of major changes.… Read More

Adding relevant links to your website is an important part of good organic SEO. Unfortunately, many “SEO Companies” will buy links or add links to that do not help your overall web ranking. In fact, in the past year, we have seen many companies be banned from Google because their SEO company was buying links.… Read More