Facebook Stats

It’s fair to say that facebook and social media in general have become a part of most people’s daily lives. The popularity of these social networking sites especially facebook is growing daily. With the number of users on facebook reaching over 400 million more than half of them use it on a daily basis. This is unlikely to decline, the creation of applications allowing users to log in from cell phone, has 100 million individuals logging in even when they aren’t at a computer. Lets take a look how long it took other forms of media to reach 50 million users:

Radio -38 year
TV – 13 years
Internet – 4 years
Ipod – 3 years
Facebook – added over 100 million users in less than 9 months

These statistics are no doubt impressive, but does facebook really help businesses gain exposure? This social networking site offers a means to easily connect to individuals outside the use, because more than 70% of facebook users are international. With that said it’s also important to know that more than 20 million users become fans of pages on facebook each year. With facebook becoming a regular part of most peoples lives the social networking site can be a great way to reach out to customers, and promote new products. Driving customers to your facebook site is now easier than ever. In December 2008 facebook implemented Facebook Connect, and since than over 80,000 websites have used it. Now that you have people at your facebook page why not customize it to look more like a website. Here are some companies that have done that well: