Site Navigation is Important

When ever we embark on a new web project, one of the important pieces that we look at is the site architecture. Having a site with a logical site map not only makes it easier for users to find what they want, it also makes it easier for search engines and spiders to find your content. This helps your overall SEO ranking. Better SEO ranking means more people find you which hopefully means more revenue.

First, it is important that clients group their products and services in logic buckets. If you are selling out door gear, then the hiking boots should be in a section of the website with other footwear. Once you have content grouped, it is important to develop a URL strategy that follows your products. If you have a web page that talks about hiking boots, the URL should also have something attributed to hiking boots. So, it would look like, www.yourcompany/ Similarly, the content on that page should talk about hiking boots. Finally, it is important that all of the meta tags are about hiking boots or at least mention them. People and search engines like logical flows, so keep this in mind when developing your website.