Outbound Marketing – Yes it still Works

With all of the focus on “Inbound Marketing” Marketers seem to have forgotten that outbound marketing is still an important part of the marketing mix. And, with all of the focus put on the web, there are several outbound marketing activities that you can focus on that can help your company get ahead of the competition.

1. Direct Mail – A forgotten medium that when used correctly can still get you response rates in the range of 6-10%. We used to get multiple direct mail pieces per day but now we are lucky to see one a week. That is precisely why it is so effective. With most companies having dropped direct mail, now is the perfect time to start a direct mail campaign.

2. Webinars – Like direct mail, these were overused, but we have seen that effective well thought out webinars with a strong offer still make along of sense for companies.

3. Integrated outbound Campaigns – We don’t see many integrated campaigns that include print, radio, tv, web and experiential marketing but if you company has the funds a well orchestrated integrated campaign can put your company on the map. But, depending on the audience you are trying to reach expect a good integrated campaign to start in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Again, this is all dependent on the amount and type of media you end up buying.

4. Events – We hear it all the time. Events are dead. In fact there is no substitute for meeting your target customers. In an era were people are afraid to engage with people directly, events that are target