Website beauty and the SEO copy writing beast.

When will “best” web design sites get the message that a site without SEO is akin to having a well-designed car with no engine, or a plane with no wings? just posted what they call 25 beautiful website design examples for your inspiration. But only four out of the 25 “beautiful websites” had enough content writing on the home page to be search engine optimized. Clean white space, an uncluttered look and spare copy have always been the hallmarks of good design…and the bane of SEO.

Is it actually possible to get beauty and SEO copy writing to go with it? Yes…but the hallmarks have to change. For instance, a home page needs at least 250 words that include SEO copy writing  to get the search engines to take notice.  The photos also need to be tagged with the right keywords so the search engines can see them and the right Meta tags have to be in place to match the keywords.

If your company has three categories of business, it pays to divide up the copy on the home page into the three categories with the appropriate keywords.

I’m sure there’s more than one behind-the-times website design & development company that will blanch when they learn that adding content writing to their oh-so-clean designs is the only way to make the site useful to a business.

But, the handwriting is on the wall (as it were). Beauty without SEO can be a very ugly business( if you’re trying to make a living with your website)ß since almost no one will ever see it.