How the SEO west was one. How a good SEO company can tame a wild town

Search’s Wild Wild West period is coming to a close. It was Samuel Colt’s peacemaker that tamed the original Wild West. It’s Google’s new algorithms that are taming the wild and pioneering days of SEO. They’ve forced many a black- hat SEO company to head for the hills. Why, an SEO consultancy with the right combination of technology, software and people can live and work in peace while staking an honest claim. Those who create honest on-page and off -page content are being rewarded with more business.

Sure, there will be the occasional shootout. But nothing is faster than Google’s crawlers today. Five years ago companies were delighted with Google’s ability to crawl a given site once every couple of months. It’s different now: There’s strong evidence that Google is starting to look at every site, just about every single day. Go ahead, try pulling an SEO company fast one and Google’s bots will shoot you right between the eyes before you can say “draw!”

Search Engine Optimization—one of the greatest marketing tools so far this century is starting to grow up as it grows more powerful. The snake oil salesmen who peddle SEO company packages in Silver, Platinum and Gold are climbing on their horses and racing out of town.

There are two new sheriffs in town! And they’re called Panda and Penguin.