Joining forces: When digital and traditional come together it can be a beautiful thing

As a website design and development company, we’re doing more and more work for traditional ad agencies, marketing firms and PR firms. There are several reasons for this:
First, the aforementioned know that, while they can create the one-off website, they can’t do all of the highly integrated work that a good website design & development agency can do.  SEO, social media, e-commerce, app design and development and a host of other digital challenges are simply beyond their capabilities. It’s no longer enough to have a couple of people on staff, or to know a “guy who does websites” to satisfy customers who do advertising or need PR from traditional agencies, but also need increasingly critical and sophisticated digital work.

Of particular challenge is the capability to modify an existing website for a client. Sites are written in different code. Because we have the programming staff to handle it, we are a website design and development agency that is code agnostic.  Agencies can call us to add pages in everything from WordPress and Cold Fusion to good old HTML.

Frankly, we are also a website design agency that is design agnostic—meaning we have plenty of really good designers, but we are equally capable of implementing an agency design.

Finally, we are also an actual website design & development company with an office, capital and full time staff in several countries.  “We’re just tired of being burned by flaky designers or developers who say they can do something, only to find out after many weeks and many dollars that things had come to a screeching halt,” said one account person at an agency that works with us now.