E commerce goes mobile

As a website design and development company it’s our job to stay at the leading edge of all things web. When it comes to e commerce, we’re helping our clients move ecommerce to mobile and tablet technologies. Given that there are about 80 million smart phones out there it doesn’t take a website design and development guru to discover that smart phone users are scanning QR codes, using electronic coupons and making purchases on e commerce sites. 30 percent of tablet users have made an online purchase.

The huge shift to mobile ecommerce means that websites must be designed for mobile, and  the buying experience must be optimized for mobile. So should your digital marketing efforts. If your website design and development company is lacking in any these critical areas, you’ll lose marketing share to competitors who are up on website design and development trends in smart phones and tablet ecommerce.

It used to be enough for your website design and development company to make your computer-optimized website display on mobile sites. Not anymore. A small screen, screen sliding/wiping features and other differences require that ecommerce sites be optimized for the mobile environment. In reality what you really need are separate computer-friendly, tablet-friendly and smart-phone friendly sites that automatically know which kind of device is being used to access your site. If you have to make a choice due to cost considerations, it’s best to go with a mobile-friendly site, since that’s where most of the customers are. Above all, make the buying experience on these devices stimulating, fun and useful