Website Design and Development – Understanding the Business Requirments

About 20% of our web projects are failed projects that were started with another Website Design and Development company. They will find us through search or through other trusted partners as a company that can help rebuild their failed project.

Most Website Design and Development companies come from a back ground of web development, not business. As a result, when they approach a project, they approach the project from a development standpoint. They assume that the website requirements are in place and not to be questioned. The problem with is approach is that in order to do great development, you need to understand the business or application that is being built.

At Kirk we approach each customer as a business case study. We ask fundamental business questions that are crucial to the success of the website or application. Some of the questions that we drill into with clients are:

  • What is their business?
  • How is this website or application going to make money or help the company make money?
  • How do clients or customers interact with the system to make a purchase or transaction?
  • How are they accessing the site or system? Is it on a mobile device? A tablet? A computer?

By asking and drilling into these business questions, we often uncover flaws in the business model. By pushing our clients to ask these basic questions, we often help them rethink their entire business and process flow. This not only saves the client from a disappointing ending after a project is completed, but it helps ensure that the product or service is a success in the long run.

In selecting a website design and development company, you should not just look and see if they have good developers but ask, do they really understand my business. This understanding is crucial to the success of your website, product or service.