Getting website design & development? Just say no to templates!

WordPress, the template-based website design & development software that got its start with people wanting to create blogs is now the latest rage when it comes to building entire sites. But, there can be some real drawbacks when it comes to building out a site in WordPress over traditional coding from a website design & development company.

First, think of a WordPress web page as the key to a lock. How would you like it if every other house on your street had an identical lock and key? If your site is built in a WordPress template, every other site on earth that is also using that template has the same extension file. Hackers love this because they can break into one WordPress page and then do a global search for sites with the same template.

Second, website “designers” who use templates are kind of like artists who paint by numbers. Even if they are great designers, they will always be limited by the template that has been chosen. Also, chance are, designers who work in WordPress are pretty limited in the their knowledge of the web, HTML 5 and all the items necessary to build a website with a healthy backend that is highly optimized for search. In other words, one that has been built by a website design & development company.

Third, you end up locked in to your design. We work with clients large and small all the time who want to make what they think is a very small change such as moving a box or changing a font. When they find out we can do it, but it will take hours of coding work because their site is built in WordPress, they are not very happy.

Finally, you pay a website design & development company to do just that: Design and build your website. We are seeing hundreds of new, so called, “website design & development companies” that are really nothing more than WordPress template makers. Often, their clients don’t know the difference between original design and development and WordPress. That’s not right.