3 Reasons Your Website Copyright Year Information should be current.

Copyright. It lets people know that you own the content on your site and you have taken steps to register the company name and URL. Unfortunately, the Copyright date is overlooked by companies large and small. Updating your copy right is important for 3 reasons:

1. Are you out of business?
Updating your Copyright lets people know that you are paying attention to your online presence. An old, out of date Copyright sends a message to perspective customers that you might be out of business.

Out of business

2. Search engines care!
As search engines crawl pages on a website, they note how current the Copyright date is. If you Copyright is out of date, you might very well be losing critical search positions, which in turn means lost revenue.

Search Engines Care!

3. Your website is your brand.
Not updating your Copyright tells customers and employees you just don’t care. If you are trying to attract new employees and customers, be up to date.

Your website is your brand