Facebook does matter

When I first logged onto Facebook, I was not a big fan. All those “Friends” from high school are not really friends but acquaintances. However, Facebook has a page rank of 10, and for that reason alone, Facebook matters. Just recently, Facebook  announced that the social networking site has passed 500 million users. Six years after Facebook launched, it has not only reached a milestone, but has become a way for individuals to do more than connect with old friends. Today you will find major corporations, startups, and individuals of all ages on the Facebook. In fact, Ford Motors will unveil the 2011 Ford Explorer via its Facebook page instead of the traditional Auto Show. 500 million users and a page rank of 10 matters. Start getting  a lot of people linking from Facebook to your  Web site and you will see large gains in your organic SEO. So even if you are not a fan of Facebook, you need to pay attention to it.