Shade tree Search Engine Optimization. Is it still possible?

One website design & development company’s opinion.

As a website design & development company with significant SEO experience we’re pretty biased on SEO DIY. Just a few short years ago, a website owner could make sure they had the right Meta tags, some anchor text and a few well-chosen keywords to get them on the road to SEO success. That’s just not true anymore. Google algorithms like Penguin and Panda, increased competition for chosen keywords and the subsequent rankings that go with them make SEO efforts highly technical and highly specialized.

That doesn’t mean you can’t do SEO without a website design & development company. What you have to ask yourself is if you have the time, dedication and tools to do a good job of it. And remember Google is out their ready to de-rank you if you don’t right.

Think of it this way. Your smart, you can learn. But suddenly the engine in your car fails. Would you be willing to learn all you need to know to rebuild that engine? Would you be willing to buy the specialized tools? After all, the consequences of doing it wrong could be very, very expensive.

Today, that’s the way it is with search. At Kirk website design & development company, we have 30 full time people dedicated to many of the very special areas of knowledge to do SEO well. Many of these people are dedicated to figuring out what Google is doing and staying one step ahead of their tactics.

As a website design & development company, one thing we do a lot of is helping clients “fix” sites after the client has received a manual action from Google. Getting this notice from Google is akin to forgetting to tighten the rod bolts in that DIY rebuilt engine we talked about earlier. It causes Google to de-rank a site into what we call the pages of the forgotten (anything lower than the third search page). As you can imagine, this kind of failure is not pretty. And rebuilding a search engine, along with all the interaction it takes with Google to get back in their good graces is exceedingly time consuming and very expensive.

The bottom line is, you can still do backyard, shade tree SEO. But you better be willing to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and spend a lot of time learning the basics. If you don’t you could be going right back to the drawing board to do everything all over again. If you have doubts, it’s time to consult with a website design & development companies that is qualified to do SEO.