The 9 Strongest Triggers for a Website Upgrade

A strategic plan that addresses these points will help a company realize greater revenue from both off and online.

Your Imagery is All Stock Photos (1 of 9)

As more websites are built and deployed, it is important to show potential customers and current clients that your website is important. Too much stock imagery shows you just don’t care about your web presence. You site should be a combination of stock photos and personal photos that help tell the story of your brand.

Your Website is Awash in Gray (2 of 9)

Having only grays or gradients of gray lulls users to sleep. Your website should be a mix of more vibrant colors like oranges, reds or bright blues.

Flash Animation (3 of 9)

Your website should have the moving elements built in HTML 5. This ensures that these elements will be viewable on a mobile device.

Your Copyright is Not Current (4 of 9)

Those copyrights on the bottom of every website are an important indicator to customers and, more importantly, Google. The copyright is a major indicator of whether or not you are still in business. Any old copyright spells “out of business” to customers and the web.

Social Media Matters (5 of 9)

Even if you are in a heavy B to B space, you should have some social media icons that link to your company’s pages. These will enable your customers and users to connect to your brand.

You Don’t Have a Blog on Your Site (6 of 9)

Not everyone will read your blog, but the search engines will. For this reason alone it is important to have regular content updates on the site through the blog.

Know Your Website Traffic (7 of 9)

Knowing who is visiting your site, both where they’ve come from and where they’re going next, is crucial to understanding your customer. At a minimum you should review your website traffic and flow patterns monthly.

Your Site Doesn’t Work in All Browsers (8 of 9)

In a world where users use multiple browsers and devices, it is crucial that the site be regularly tested in major browsers for compatibility.

You Don’t Have a Sitemap on Your Website (9 of 9)

A sitemap is not only important for users navigating your site, it is also crucial for good SEO performance.