Voice Search Optimization, Why should you care?

Voice Search Optimization

Ok Google… Hey Siri… Hey Cortana… Aelxa…

Think about every time you have used a voice search on your smartphone to look up information online. Voice enabled devices allow for quick maneuvering on your smartphone, whether you use to set an alarm or looking up information on Google. Soon, voice searches might represent the majority of total searches. According to Location World, more than 40 percent of adults used voice-based search on a daily basis in 2016. And predictions by ComScore estimate that more than 50 percent of searches will be voice-based by 2020.

There are many reasons why voice search is on the rise. One main reason is that more people are using their smartphones to search the internet. Most people today are surfing the web while they are on the go on their phone, instead of using a traditional desktop computer. This allows for users to make a convenient search using a voice search while on the go. Another reason for the rise in voice search are improvements in phone capabilities to capture the commands. Microsoft’s voice recognition software now has an error rate of 5.1 percent, equaling those of its human counterparts.

All and all, voice search is making a trend out of searching techniques. As phones become more and more capable of voice search accuracy, the tool will continue to be used. It is a tool that is becoming extremely convenient for the smartphone user. Your company’s website could be looked up seamlessly by smartphone users on voice search. Your business could be affected by voice search. By planning out long-tail key words and key word phrases, users using voice search could more effectively access your site when they use the tool. This can all be impacted by your company’s SEO strategy, which Kirk can help implement. Brainstorming new keyword phrases can have a direct link to your website’s success with voice search and your search engine rankings. Voice search revolves around customer engagement, so to prepare for the future, it starts with configuring your SEO plan to stay ahead of the technological advances of search.