Social Media — Why You Need It

Social Media allows consumers to interact with one another and share information anytime and anywhere. It is engaging, instantaneous, and accessible. When growing your business online and using the right platforms that cater to your brand, you essentially have another effective marketing tool for your business. December marks the 13th anniversary of one of the very first social media platforms that is still popular today…so where do you stand after 13 years? Here are the main reasons that social media is essential to a complete marketing strategy.

1) Build a Relationship
Curious about how to get more business? Build relationships. Social Media is a way to engage and interact with your consumers. It is an informal communication tool between you and your market. Not only are you able to interact with customers and followers, but you are able to interact with other market influencers such as celebrity endorsers.

Build a Relationship

2) Differentiate through an emotional connection
Content posted on social media is different than content posted on other marketing mediums. It can be more personal, casual, and emotional. Always was incredibly interactive and personable with social media this year during their #LikeAGirl campaign, striking an emotional chord with many females. Social Media allowed this campaign to go viral.

Differentiate through an emotional connection

3) Nurture Loyal Fans
Growing your business online also means keeping the attention of loyal customers. Social Media allows you to have a first hand look at who your fans are. You are able to see the things that your fans are enjoying, and use that information to your advantage for other marketing tactics.
4) Brand Recognition
Social Media is an excellent tool to show off your brand in a different way. Consumers are constantly checking their social media accounts, which gives you a constant window to reach them. GoPro recently received awards for having the most engaging company Instagram and Youtube accounts. Seeing your brand on a newsfeed creates a feeling of familiarity, which makes your consumer more comfortable with your brand.

Brand Recognition

5) Makes You Look like more than a Business
By having an account and becoming a part of consumer’s feeds (which are filled with people and things of significance to them), you are humanizing your brand and giving your company a personality.
6) Your Competition is doing it
93% of marketers use social media for their business. If you want to grow your business online, you cannot be part of the 7% that doesn’t utilize social media. You can 100% count on your competitors using it.
7) Low cost, low maintenance
There are no significant downsides to having a social media account. It is a minor expense in your budget and only takes a few hours a week to maintain (less if you automate it or enlist the help of a social media management company!)

8) The art of sharing
When exploring how to market your business, don’t forget about your consumers! Sharing company posts on sites like Linkedin and Facebook has become a popular practice for consumers. If you post interesting content that is “shareworthy”, consumers will spread your message to all their friends by the simple push of a button. Buzzfeed has had major success with this, with each of their videos getting thousands of shares.
9) Market Mavens
When consumers really like a product or service, they want to make it known to their friends and the general publi. Any type of positive word of mouth marketing can be effective for a business. Consumers are more likely to believe things straight from the mouth of other consumers. A Market Mavens most useful tool? Social media.
10) Free Feedback
Social media is a free and easy way to gauge how the market feels about your brand and products or services. It’s a perpetual survey!
Trying to grow your business online without social media? It may be time to rethink your strategy.