It was August 6 when authorities announced that a Russian Cyber ring had pulled off the largest online theft of private Internet information in history. The giant web haul includes 1.7 billion user names and password combinations and more than half a billion email addresses. Some of you may wish to pause reading this blog… Read More

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Think about branding powerhouses like Procter & Gamble, General Motors and IBM. They all have one thing in common: You know exactly what they sell and what they stand for. Among the modern, high-tech, business-at-the-speed-of-thought, search- driven, web-based companies, branding has fallen out of favor. Or perhaps it’s just not even considered. There isn’t time.… Read More

One website design & development company’s opinion. As a website design & development company with significant SEO experience we’re pretty biased on SEO DIY. Just a few short years ago, a website owner could make sure they had the right Meta tags, some anchor text and a few well-chosen keywords to get them on the… Read More

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