Slick agency syndrome is a lot like Stockholm syndrome, wherein a business is held hostage by a slick website design & development company and eventually succumbs to and starts believing all the B.S. Eventually, the client breaks the spell, but not before the slick website design & development firm has wasted a lot of money… Read More

“Never do anything in your life that you wouldn’t want to see in the paper the next day.” This wise advice came from a wise journalist I knew many years ago. Of course, this same advice applies to the Internet, perhaps even more so. After all, after a bad story appears in the newspaper it… Read More

There’s a real conundrum for website design and development agencies and their clients. Clients (and presumably the users of their websites) absolutely love clean, simple, beautifully designed home pages. Unfortunately, Google hates them. Well, they don’t really hate them, per se, but they do ignore them, largely because there is no text. Google search algorithms… Read More

There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t get a call from a frantic customer that involves their website and loss of control of that site. It always amazes us at Kirk that companies entrust their customer face to an a person who has little vested interest in the success of the company. … Read More

As an NH SEO company, we often get asked what is the best way to optimize for the local level? First, companies know who their customers are. Where are they located? Are they primarily located in their state or are more located nationally? Who do they want to sell to now and in the future?… Read More

In the old days you could hire a website design and development person who knew a couple of coding languages, throw up a site and you were in business. As the web grew more sophisticated you hired a web design agency to update or redesign your site. But hire a typical website design and development… Read More

After an extensive two-year investigation, the Federal Trade Commission has determined that the way Google arranges search results is not a violation of antitrust or anti-competition laws. “While not everything Google did was beneficial, on balance we did not believe that the evidence supported an FTC challenge to this aspect of Google’s business under American… Read More

As a website design and development company it’s our job to stay at the leading edge of all things web. When it comes to e commerce, we’re helping our clients move ecommerce to mobile and tablet technologies. Given that there are about 80 million smart phones out there it doesn’t take a website design and… Read More

On most days, we love what we do. We help companies improve their online image and rank higher on search engines. In general, higher rank means higher inquiries and more sales. It all seems so easy that any one can do it. Unfortunately, SEO is becoming increasingly hard. SEO is not unlike many other industries… Read More

As a marketing agency in NH, we are always working with clients that have to market at both a local level and a national level. That balance between localization and nationalization is always a fine line. You always want to be seen locally, but you don’t want this to dominate your SEO efforts. If you… Read More